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    Toward Financial Elegance

  • Simple Solutions
    ​Toward Financial Elegance

To attain Financial Elegance, it takes knowledge of financial expertise. We have all heard the expression, “What you don’t know, may hurt you.” This is especially true in the world of finance. J. Washington Co. has the experience and expertise necessary to create the right kind of financial planning and the knowledge needed to help our client partners achieve Financial Elegance. We offer premium finance and tax products to build wealth and achieve targeted goals that will ensure financial independence for our clients partners and their families.

J. Washington Co. has a lifetime of experience in corporate finance, working with both start-up companies and established, small-to-medium size companies. We specialize in working with small start-up companies in need of cash flow and working capital management as well as high-surplus income companies needing to build wealth for their owners. J. Washington Co. is most inspired by clients who take responsibility and actively contribute towards their own success. We areCustomer Intimate”- we work closely with our clients and help simplify business processing by customizing our proprietary products to our client’s needs.